FCI add Flood Risk Thumbnails to all Environmental Reports

July 21, 2017 2:18 pm


 All Future Climate Info (FCI) environmental reports will now provide individual flood risk thumbnail maps, giving a much cleaner presentation of the potential flood risks.

The move from showing all flood risks in one large map to individual flood risk thumbnails next to each description of the risk will mean:

  • More zoomed in focus on flood risk for the property
  • Combining the maps with the description of the flood risk and the professional advice all in one section
  • De-complicating flood reporting in multiple risk situations
  • Neater presentation

From river and sea flood risk to surface water or groundwater flooding, the new flood thumbnails visually show the risk to the property area with a clear key rating alongside the further action – so it’s easy to marry up the severity of the risk shown on the map.

Added Benefits

  • A clearer presentation of flood risks – allowing risks to be easily identified
  • Each type of flood risk is separated into an individual map to avoid confusion
  • Saves time – easier to convey the risks to the client
  • More visual approach – detailed maps against each flood further action

Sample Reports:

FCI Flood

FCI Essential Report

FCI Standard Report

FCI Premium Report

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