What are Cookies?

Cookies are small files that get put on your computer by websites as you surf them. These cookies can store lots of information which can have privacy implications. We like to think all the cookies used on this site are fairly innocuous but that’s for you to judge. Below we have listed each of the cookies that our site sets, grouped together by what they do and with detail as to why we use them. For those that want a little more information, we’ve added information which details the exact purpose of every single cookie we create. Lastly, we’ve included information about the time the cookie is kept on your system (is it kept after you leave the site, to be used when you return − persistent − or deleted once your visit is completed and only used for that visit − session)


Cookies which enable us to anonymously track your journey

Like most websites, we use analytics software, such as Google Analytics. This software gathers anonymous data relating to how people are using this site and then provide us with visitor statistics, details of page views etc. We supplement this data with our own analytics, which allow us to do more in-depth analysis of how people use our site. We feel that this information is vital to us, helping us to make the site as easy to use and useful as possible.

Cookie Purpose Persistent or Session
__utm* family Tracking cookies set by Google Analytics as detailed above Persistent − expires after 6 months
wooMeta/wooTracker Tracking for Woopra Analytics on all pages − a similar tool to Google Analytics Persistent − Expires after 2 years
phpSESSID For certain functions within our site Session

Webforms and Enquiry Forms.

The form will use a simple cookie to retain details during your session.

Cookie Purpose Persistent or Session
phpSESSID Used to retain information that you enter into a form during your session Session

Cookies which allow us to ensure you connect to our site properly

We spend a lot of time and effort ensuring that our site remains available all the time. To do that we have web servers running in many different locations. In order to ensure that your journey through the site is working properly we like to keep you connected to the same locations. It also allows us to spread the load, meaning our site remains as performant as it can be.

Cookie Purpose Persistent or Session
Cookiesenabled Checks to see if the visitor has cookies enabled and if not warns the visitor that the E-Commerce function will not work properly Session

Cookies which make our site function correctly

We have a bunch of features which need to understand what you’ve been doing on the site recently, and to reduce the amount of times you have to do the same thing. For instance, you don’t want to fill in the contact agent form again and again with the same data, so we store that information to reduce the time it takes and to make life easier. All the cookies below perform a similar function.

Cookie Purpose Persistent or Session
phpSESSID For certain functions within our site Session

Third Party Cookies

Property Search Plus Limited has recommended 3rd party integrations for our clients. We have defined the integrations and the cookies they use below:-

Disqus blog & comments

Cookie Purpose Persistent or Session
_jid Disqus uses cookies to remember a user’s login information  so they don’t have to login every time they visit a new site using Disqus. Persistent − expires after 6 months

Get Satisfaction Forum plug-in integration

No known cookies active


Property Search Plus Limited have no responsibility for 3rd party integrations, apps or plug-ins that may use cookies. If you are running any integrations that are running cookies you as the administrator will need to define these and identify their purpose.