Terra Firma

Terrafirma are an innovative geological consultancy specialising in the provision of mining-instability risk assessment for conveyancers, solicitors, developers, insurance & ground investigation specialists across the UK. Their TerraSearch platform & Mine Search Suite is the first to locate, assess, interpret, investigate & remediate the risk to property from over 35 minerals extracted across the UK; including coal, tin, lead, clay, sandstone, chalk, limestone, celestine, Fuller’s Earth, fracking, ironstone, silica sand, Bath Stone, gypsum, brine & many more.

Terrafirma have spent the last 3 years working with a network of partners, to comprehensively map mineral extraction across the UK and develop a three-tiered search suite that can be applied to property transactions and development across England and Wales and are now able to provide a suite of expert search reports acceptable to lenders. 

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