Terra Firma


Nationally established as a leader in delivering due diligence solutions, Terrafirma translates complex physical, financial and legal ground risks into clear, accurate and reliable advice. Through innovative data driven services, protected by an expert professional opinion, Terrafirma offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to ensure that the client is confidently equipped to better manage and resolve the many and varied risks the ground poses.

Terrafirma are an innovative geological consultancy specialising in the provision of mining-instability risk assessment for conveyancers, solicitors, developers, insurance & ground investigation specialists across the UK. Their TerraSearch platform & Mine Search Suite is the first to locate, assess, interpret, investigate & remediate the risk to property from over 35 minerals extracted across the UK; including coal, tin, lead, clay, sandstone, chalk, limestone, celestine, Fuller’s Earth, fracking, ironstone, silica sand, Bath Stone, gypsum, brine & many more.

Only by combining comprehensive and varied data sources with expert professional interpretation can a clear, accurate and reliable picture be built of the likely hazards present. Recent revisions in due diligence practice is beginning to change the way the risks such as mining, ground stability, planning and fracking are now perceived and acted upon. Ensure you & your client are informed by acquiring an expert report, driven by data but protected by a professional opinion and robust professional indemnity.

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